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Hainan Tropical Fruits

The island's tropical climate makes it China's leading producer of tropical fruits and plants. It's the country's largest grower of pineapples and large exporter of coconuts, sisal, tropical fruits, sugar cane and coco.

There are many kind of tropical fruits which are available all year round. Some of them you may never see in other places, some of them smell very strange Audemars Piguet Replica. We would like to recommend some tropical fruits that you must try during your stay in Sanya. 


Mango(芒果) : The king of Tropical Fruits. Hainan Island is the biggest Mango production base in China. Best mango’s available from March till June. Sometimes we could get late harvest till September. But do not eat too much in a day, otherwise you will suffer from sore throat the next morning. 


Papaya(木瓜): is cool according to traditional Chinese medicine. So eat some papaya if you have sore throat or suffer from constipation. The pork steak soup with papaya is one of the best soup in Hainan.

Banana: Hainan Island is also the biggest production area of Banana in China. Remember the smaller and yellow ones called grain of rice banana are tastier than the green or yellow big ones.

Carambola(杨桃): Some sweet, some sour, try to get the ones with yellow colors. Autumn is a good time to taste the best Carambolas. To have better taste, you could keep them in salty water for a few minutes. For the sour ones, you can also put some salt and spicy before eat which is the local way to eat, and more tasty. Try that way!

Dragon fruit(火龙果):   Taste is very light. Peel off the skin to taste fruit pulp inside. It would taste better if you put some sugar.  Some pulp in red and some in white. The pulp in red is sweeter.

Rambutan(红毛丹): The taste is also very light. Just peeling off the hairy covering, you will see white fruits with nuts inside.

  Sapodilla(人心果) is rich in glucose and vitamins, for heart disease, lung disease and hardening of the arteries are secondary effects, Hainan Island famous fruit. Smelling, but sweet.
  Wax Apple(莲雾), The best time to have wax apple is winter. The fruit has many health benefits, it can quench thirst, eliminate sputum and relieve cough.
  Lychee (荔枝), sweet, juicy, rich flavor attractive, nutritious. People offen make medication supplements, as a tribute previously cleared. Season in March. Can't eat a lot in a day, otherwise will suffer from sore throat.

FanLychee (番荔枝), also known as Buddha's head fruit, very sweet, but not easy to eat as there are any seeds inside, covered with white pulp. really tasty.

Areca, a kind of tropical fruit(槟榔).  Local people cut the areca into pieces and chew it with a special leaf and plaster. It taste little bitter at the first time, but will get sweet when the juice turn red, and the people may get red in face. Sometimes they may “get drunk”. Very interesting, you need to try. It is sold everywhere.

Coconut(椰子) : The most popular fruit in Hainan. You can buy everywhere. Yellow ones taste better than green ones. It is said the fresh juice is the sweetest if you drink at noon time.The fresh meat  of coconut also tastes good. One of the famous soup in Hainan is the Chicken soup with coconut juice and meat. you can find it in any local restaurants here.

Jackfruit(波罗密): is one of the largest tree-borne fruits in Hainan Island. It tastes very sweat, sometimes too sweat. The local people also eat the seeds of Jackfruit after boiling. But some people do not like the smell, similar to Durian.

Chinese wampee(黄皮) :The grapelike fruit tastes sweet, some are sour. For better sweat taste, get the bigger and brown-yellow ones. Its peel can be eaten, good for health.

Guava(石榴) : Another popular tropical fruit in Hainan Island which is rich in Crude Fiber, Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, B, and C. Most local people like it with some pepper & salt. Fresh guavas are very tasty and good appetizer.

Mangosteen(山竹): Regarded as the “Queen of fruits”. The ball-shaped purple fruits are available everywhere on Hainan Island. The better ones are the soft ones with green leaves. Mangosteen is also very important ingredient in Chinese Medicine.

Pineapple(菠萝): Very delicious and popular tropical fruit. Local people patek philippe replica watches will put it in salt water for a few minutes before taste to avoide the tongue itch. It is also very helpful for digestion. We also put some salt and spicy on it before eat.