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Population and People in Sanya

The total population in Sanya is more than 500,000. The main nationalities are Han, Li, Miao and Hui. The minorities, including Li, Miao and Hui have their own languages wind up toy, but they all can speak Chinese, so communication is replica watches

Bamboo Dance- local dance by Li people



The Li peopleare original inhabitants of Hainan island, who have their own style of living, food, costumes, marriage and festivals.



The Miao people are belived to move to Hainan from Guangxi Province, as many of their old songs describe guangxi’s landscape and Lu Ban, the Miao’s creator of the world. A lot of traditional herb medicines have been developed.



The Hui peoplein Sanya live in the Huihui and Huixin villages of the Phoenix Town, who have a talent for engaging in trade. They have their own language which is different from other local dialects and is called Huihui dialect. The Hui people believe in Islamism and pray five times every day in accordance with the Koran. Some Hui historic sites can be found in Sanya such as steles, tombs, and mosques.